About Us

Bluegrass. That’s what brought this group together but it’s not all we do. We all have different influences and it just seems to be a lot more fun when ya just play what ya feel. So as not to confuse you…we just play whatever feels right!


The Band Members are:

Scott Lail – Banjo, dobro, guitar and vocals
Brad Davis – Bass, guitar and vocals
Jamey Harrison – Guitar, bass and vocals
Jeremy Greene – Mandolin, guitar and vocals
Tyler Leonard – Guitar and vocals

Brad Davis

Bass Player Brad

Brad has been playing bass and guitar for over 35 years covering many different styles of music including country, rock, blues, pop, gospel, bluegrass, and more. Although he has no formal musical training, his love of music and performing onstage has guided him through. Brad’s earliest influence was his parents who each had totally different tastes in music. His dad enjoyed country and western music such as Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash, while his mom preferred rock by groups like The Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Somehow they found a common ground in that they both loved Bluegrass music. With such a diverse musical background it’s not surprising that he would begin to develop the ability to play a wide variety of music.

Growing up in the small town of Ellenboro North Carolina offered little opportunity for aspiring musicians. So, at the age of 18, Brad began to travel and for the next ten years played in music halls and dance clubs along the east coast and mid-west. After many miles traveled and working in places like Atlanta, Joplin, Tampa and Nashville, Brad has come full circle and once again calls Ellenboro, NC home.

Jamey Harrison


Growing up in a family that would start singing on the front porch at almost every gathering, Jamey naturally kept the tradition going .He has traced his family history back to the mid 1800’s to find out that not only was his Great Grandfather a Choir Director but his 4th Great Grandfather was listed in the census of 1864 as a “Song Master”.

With a twenty year career in the US Army, he started calling Cadence even before graduating from basic training. In the years following he sang with the Gospel Quartet “Crosswork” while fulfilling his duties as an Army recruiter. Later he auditioned twice to sing the National Anthem for the Charlotte Hornets and was chosen both times from over three thousand candidates. Since then he has sang at numerous sporting events.

After retiring from the Army he decided that his bucket list included playing in a band. With a short stint in a Classic Rock band and filling in for other rock bands singers, he decided to try a Bluegrass band. This is where he found that he fit in. He found some great mentors within a very short period of time.

Most people start playing instruments at an early age, however, Jamey started learning to play guitar after his 46th birthday. After two years and two Bluegrass bands, Jamey, Scott and Brad formed Wiregrass. The very next year they were a full group with the addition of Jeremy Greene. Several years later added the talented Tyler Leonard. With a marketing background and great musicians to play with, it wasn’t long before they were playing almost every weekend.

Scott Lail

scott  Born and raised in Shelby, North Carolina, I grew up with strong influences in a number of types of music – bluegrass legend Earl Scruggs, country star Don Gibson, and folks like that. I had an uncle that taught me my first song on the guitar (Tom Dooley) at about age six. I have been picking strings from that point on. Rock bands, country bands, and of course bluegrass bands, and I love to play in church too. I often tell that when I was a little feller, I thought everybody went to church on Sunday and then went to Maw and Paw’s for dinner, and then you got out our axe (instrument) and jammed on the back porch. This group keeps me on my toes. What I like is that you can’t put us into a box, we don’t fit. Never know what we will come up with next.

Jeremy Greene


A self-taught musician, Jeremy has been playing the guitar since the age of 20. He decided one day that he needed a new hobby and music would be it. Jeremy has since learned to play multiple instruments, including the mandolin, which is his main instrument now, and the bass. He also dapples in banjo and fiddle. His love of music includes many genres and spans from traditional bluegrass to hard rock. His musical influences include Union Station and Metallica. Other influences are Dan Tyminski (vocals), Tony Rice (guitar), Adam Steffey (mandolin).

If you know Jeremy, you know that if there is a jam going on somewhere, he’s there.

Jeremy lives in Cherryville, North Carolina with his wife and daughter. He has lived in this area his whole life and enjoys the long standing musical heritage that this area has.

Tyler Leonard
Photo by M. Greene

Tyler began playing guitar at the age of eight. He learned quickly and by the age of twelve, he was pulling off some impressive licks that even Tony Rice would be proud of! That’s also when he started participating in local competitions and winning awards.

Tyler is now one of the best guitar pickers in the state and can pull off a complex break to any song with ease. With a wide range of influences across multiple genres, he is a multi-talented musician and Wiregrass is lucky to have him.

Stage Layout Diagram available here

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